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Red Light Therapy (RLT) is a cutting-edge treatment technique that utilizes specific Red and Near-Infrared Light wavelengths. These wavelengths have been scientifically tailored to produce beneficial results for the body. The most effective way to receive RLT is directly on the skin, hence the recommendation for undergoing the treatment without clothing.
For newcomers, we advise commencing with two to three sessions weekly for an introductory month. Post this initiation period, a maintenance regimen of twice a week or whenever you feel the need for a rejuvenating boost is ideal. Joining our Deeply Vital Memberships offers you the advantage of booking additional Red Light Sessions at a discounted rate.
Absolutely not. Light Therapy is a warm, soothing experience completely devoid of any pain or discomfort.
Certainly, our state-of-the-art panels can be adjusted anywhere from 0-100% for Red Light and Near-Infrared LEDs, catering to your preference.
While it is safe to forgo eye protection, we advise against directly gazing at the intense lights. While this won’t cause lasting harm, it might lead to transient visual disturbances or slight irritation. Interestingly, even with closed eyes, the benefits of RLT are still attainable.
In the words of Michael Hamblin, a renowned expert and associate professor at Harvard Medical School specializing in Red Light Therapy, it’s practically impossible to overdo RLT. Continuous exposure, even up to 24 hours, won’t damage the skin. Nevertheless, for those with sensitive skin, transient symptoms like itching, redness, or tightness might appear. If so, decreasing the duration of exposure or adjusting the panel’s distance can help. It’s crucial to monitor your body’s reactions and tweak the treatment length accordingly.
Deeply Vital Medical does not accommodate insurance as a payment method for any service. However, we are more than willing to furnish a superbill for clients who wish to liaise with their insurance providers for out-of-network benefits. For payments using FSA/HSA, either direct card transactions or receipt reimbursements are acceptable. This mode of payment can be used for various services, including Light Therapy, consultations, and purchasing select products from our establishment.

The outcomes are contingent upon factors like age, skin condition, and the specific results you’re targeting. While everyone’s response differs, typically noticeable improvements can be discerned within 6 to 8 weeks, with some individuals even observing changes after just a couple of sessions.

Envision an ambiance of warmth, relaxation, and rejuvenation that prepares you for the day ahead, whether it involves workouts, physical therapy, or other engagements. Numerous clients report enhanced sleep quality and diminished pain post-treatment.

For those keen on exploring the scientific underpinnings of RLT, our ‘studies and citations’ page is replete with the latest research.

While RLT is safe for most, there are specific conditions where caution is advised. Individuals with active cancer (unless endorsed by their oncologist), epilepsy, pacemaker implants, or those who are pregnant (unless greenlit by their OB/GYN) should steer clear of RLT. Other conditions like recent burns, hyperpigmentation, melasma, or consumption of photosensitizing medications necessitate discussion with Dr. Weber. Client awareness regarding their health is paramount and is not within Deeply Vital Medical’s purview.

Deeply Vital Medical transcends the conventional doctor’s office ambiance. Imagine a tranquil spa setting where relaxation reigns supreme. Our premium offerings include a private massage table equipped with a vibration mat, multifaceted lights emitting five distinct wavelengths, and personalized Whole-Body Light Therapy Sessions. Complimentary supplement drinks, wet towels post-treatment, premium supplements, EltaMD SPF, and exclusive products by Dr. Weber are some of the other perks awaiting you.

Our panels unleash six rigorously researched wavelengths: RED LED at 630nm and 660nm, NIR LED at 810nm, 830nm, and 850nm, and BLUE LED at 480nm.

Indeed, we’re eager to collaborate with firms that prioritize wellness and self-care. Express your interest by emailing [email protected].

Absolutely. For details, students and residents can contact [email protected] with their relevant IDs.
While we immensely appreciate client referrals, medical ethics prevent us from offering referral rewards. However, we periodically roll out discounts and specials. Stay updated by subscribing to our Newsletter.
Clients can use their FSA/HSA either through direct card payments or by claiming reimbursements.

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