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Achieve Full Body Optimization

Deeply Vital Medical is dedicated to helping those who want to feel rejuvenated and revitalized, & improve their well-being in a safe, accepting & comfortable environment. We believe in delivering personalized and individualized care to help you accelerate and optimize your path to wellness.

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Safe and effective treatments in 20-Minute, Spa-Like Sessions​

Meet Our Owner/Founder

Lauren Weber, DO, MSCP, ABOM

Hi there, I am Dr. Lauren Weber. I was fortunate enough to achieve my childhood dream of becoming a doctor. I told my parents when I was four years old that was what I wanted to do, and I’ve been committed to improving the well-being of others ever since.

Knowing that my life didn’t get off to the easiest or healthiest start is essential to understanding these early aspirations. I was born at 26 weeks, 12 weeks too early. I beat all the odds and survived.

Being born so prematurely, I had to get frequent checkups, and I was always at the doctor from day one. This planted a seed of curiosity and an aspiration to become a doctor myself. This crystallized when I took some time out of my studies to care for my very sick mom, who sadly passed away from metastatic breast cancer when I was 21. Little did I know this would shape my future career in many ways.



The Healing POWER of Red Light Therapy

Optimize Workouts
Reduce Inflammation
Prepare Skin For Surgery
Improve Sexual Function
Improve Neuropathy
Better Orgasms
Improve Skin Health
Promote Cellular Health
Heal Faster
Use Pre-Op to Optimize
Improve Circulation
Stimulate Hair Growth
Improve Concentration
Improve Menopausal Symptoms

Red Light Therapy is UNMATCHED with its multiple health benefits!


Explore our Private Studio

Enjoy a warm and friendly environment as we help you on your journey to a more beautiful, vibrant, and healthy life with less pain!

Red Light Therapy is healing & safe with no UV radiation

When applied correctly, RLT can have an incredible impact on how you look, feel, and perform!

Modern Healing With Red Light Therapy

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