What is Red Light Therapy​​?

Red Light Therapy at Deeply Vital Medical in NY, NY, is an innovative treatment using Red and Near-Infrared Light photons. These specific wavelengths are chosen for their remarkable health benefits. Similar to how plants use sunlight (ultraviolet light) for photosynthesis, this therapy allows human cells to absorb photons from these beneficial wavelengths. The treatment involves using specifically optimized LED Lights that energize cells, decrease inflammation, and increase circulation and stem cells, leading to a healthier and more efficient cellular function.

How Does Red Light Therapy Work?

The underlying science of Red Light Therapy, or PhotoBioModulation (PBM), directly impacts skin cells, immune function, and cellular rejuvenation. PBM promotes the production of signaling molecules that facilitate cell migration and reduce inflammation and infection. This is achieved through a process that is responsive to the absorption of Light photons at the cellular level, helping to restore and rejuvenate cells.

Central to the effectiveness of Red Light Therapy is its action on the mitochondria. Mitochondria are abundant in most cells, particularly in tissues like the brain, heart, and skeletal muscle. The mitochondria are the power-warehouses of the cell creating the energy the cell uses to function. The therapy’s Light photons penetrate deep into the tissues, impacting the mitochondria and accelerating ATP production, which is deeply vital for cellular energy. However, an imbalance in reactive oxygen species (ROS) can lead to oxidative stress, which damages cells and their DNA. This imbalance can cause chronic inflammation, which is connected to a variety of health issues, including cancer.

Chronic inflammation is a known precursor for cancer. Our bodies produce antioxidants to counteract ROS, but factors like stress, poor diet, and aging can lead to mitochondrial damage. This damage interferes with ATP production and leads to further cell damage and inflammation. Red Light Therapy at Deeply Vital Medical provides a proactive approach to protect and energize cells, improving their natural functions and enhancing overall well-being.

A more in-depth look at the science

Red Light Therapy (RLT), also known as photobiomodulation (PBM) or Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT), offers profound effects on the body. RLT enhances skin cells through fibroblast and keratinocyte regeneration and regulates immune function. By increasing the induction of signaling molecules and cytokines, PBM aids in treating inflammation and infections, resulting in significant reductions in pain and inflammation. Essentially, PBM enhances cellular and biological functions in response to Light photons for beneficial health results.

Red Light Therapy is a treatment that works by using Low-Level Light emitted by specifically optimized LEDs or lasers. The photons interact with the photoreceptor in the inner membrane of the mitochondria. This interaction involves the absorption of visible and invisible Light photons on a chromophore by an enzyme called cytochrome c oxidase (CcO) located at the end of the electron transport chain (ETC) in the mitochondria. CcO catalyzes the final step in ATP production, which is the energy molecule produced by the Krebs Cycle. The Krebs Cycle breaks down molecules from food intake to produce energy. During the process, RLT also helps to hydrate and oxygenate our cells.

Mitochondria are responsible for ATP and reactive oxygen species (ROS) production. An imbalance between the two can cause oxidative stress, which can lead to chronic inflammation and various diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. Chronic inflammation is known to be a precursor for cancer.

The body produces antioxidants to counteract ROS, but factors like stress, poor diet, cigarette smoke, UV light, and aging can cause mitochondrial damage. This damage interferes with ATP production, leading to further cell damage and inflammation.

Red Light Therapy helps mitigate cellular damage caused by oxidative stress and ROS. It removes them from the cell and decouples Nitric Oxide (NO) from CcO, restoring ATP production and cellular function.

By protecting cells from ROS damage and boosting cellular energy, Red Light Therapy enhances cellular efficiency and its natural functions. This surge in ATP production, coupled with enhanced stem cell activity and improved blood circulation, accelerates healing processes and improves the cells’ resiliency and health.

It has been noted that RLT works by inducing physical and chemical changes in cells, which may alter their viscosity and permeability. This process may contribute to the breakdown of fats, also known as lipolysis. Consequently, RLT could offer benefits for weight management.

In summary, Red Light Therapy offers a comprehensive approach to cellular health and well-being, protecting against oxidative stress and inflammation while promoting cellular rejuvenation, regeneration, and optimal function.

It is important to note that while all studies on RLT demonstrate safety and efficacy, more rigorous randomized controlled trials are needed to establish treatment protocols and guidelines.

Safe, non-invasive, and void of harmful UV rays, Red Light Therapy is an excellent option for those searching for a natural way to enhance their health without any downtime. Experience the life-changing benefits of Red Light Therapy at Deeply Vital Medical and step into a world of improved health and vitality.

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