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The term Red Light Therapy (RLT) is used to describe a non-invasive, pain-free, drug-free treatment using Red and Near-Infrared Light (NIR) wavelengths. These wavelengths are specifically optimized for beneficial health results. RLT is best received on bare skin, so it is recommended to do the therapy naked (you will have privacy). The Light wavelengths help improve circulation, decrease inflammation and oxidative stress, and help improve the oxygenation, hydration, health, resilience, and function of our cells at the cellular level. Similar to how plants use sunlight for photosynthesis, this therapy allows human cells to absorb Light photons from these beneficial wavelengths.

We recommend you start with an Express Light Therapy Session.
Just like exercise, RLT works best with regular use.
After your initial session, we recommend you start with two to three sessions per week for the first month, depending on what is being treated and the severity of your condition or inflammation. Then, once or twice a week, or as needed for maintenance, or when you feel like a boost.
Sign up for one of our monthly Deeply Vital Memberships, and you can have access to cheaper sessions and add more Light Therapy sessions at a lower rate!

No, it does not hurt. RLT can help relieve pain! It is a warm and soothing treatment.

Our panels are capable of using 0-100% Red Light LEDs & 0-100% Near-Infrared Light LEDs. The Blue Light can be turned off.

Yes, it is safe. This doesn’t mean you should stare at the bright Lights.

Your eyes don’t need to be open to attain the benefits of RLT.

We have clean goggles for you to use if you choose to or need to wear them for comfort.

In short, no, you can not get too much Red Light Therapy. According to Michael Hamblin—an associate professor at Harvard Medical School and a noted expert on Red Light Therapy⁠—“You could use RLT for 24 hours a day and wouldn’t damage the skin. It’s almost impossible to cause any harm.”

However, while Red Light and Near-Infrared Light are considered very safe if you have too much exposure, you may have difficulty sleeping after your session or wake up the next day with a headache. These potential transient side effects can be alleviated by reducing the treatment time, decreasing the strength, or moving the panels further away. Also, proper hydration is key! You’ll have to test out the optimal time for your body and adjust as you go along. But overall, Red Light Therapy is very safe, and the temporary side effects do not mean you need to avoid Light Therapy in the future.

No, Deeply Vital Medical does not accept insurance of any kind to pay for services, nor is it covered by insurance. If needed, we are happy to provide a superbill for your out-of-network benefits for the client to handle with their own insurance company.

To use FSA/HSA as payment, either directly by your FSA/HSA debit or credit card or via receipt reimbursement. FSA/HSA should be able to be used for Red Light Therapy, consultations, or to purchase Dr. Weber’s homemade cosmedics, supplements, and SPF sold in our studio.

This depends on many things, including your age and the state of your skin, how much body-surface area you have, how much inflammation you have, and the result you are looking for. Everybody responds differently. Generally, the best results are obtained over 6 to 8 weeks with regular sessions. Most notice a difference after a session or two, as most sleep better, and you may have more energy and less pain.

To feel relaxed, warm, and energized for your day, workout, physical therapy session, or wherever the day takes you. Most people sleep better, have more energy, and have less stress and pain after their whole-body Light Therapy session.

Please visit our studies and citations page for the latest research.

As more studies are needed, it is best to avoid using the Lights on anyone with known active cancer unless approved by their oncologist. We do have studies that show that Light Therapy is safe and can help treat symptoms related to cancer care. Those with epilepsy may not want to use Red Light, although our panels do not flicker. If you are pregnant, it is best to discuss this with your OB/GYN, Red Light helps with circulation and healing and does not cause warming. The Near-Infrared Light wavelengths can be turned off to prevent warming, so you can benefit from only the Red wavelengths. Those with a recent burn, for the first 24 hours should avoid Red Light, but after this, it is recommended to help improve healing and decrease the risk of infection.

It’s not a contraindication, but please let us know if you suffer from any hyperpigmentation or melasma.

Some medications may increase sensitivity to Light. While it is unlikely that Red Light Therapy will meaningfully affect those using photosensitizing medications, it may be possible to irritate the skin. It is best to check if the medicine you are taking or using can increase your sensitivity to Light and discuss it with Dr. Weber. It is best to avoid it for 48 hours before treatment.

At Deeply Vital Medical we are not a traditional doctor’s office. Experience a spa-like setting for your treatment. Here, you can take a break from your busy day, relax, and lie flat on our private, comfy massage table with a vibration mat. We have full-body lights with 6 different wavelengths.

Our whole-body Light sessions are individualized and personalized for each client.

You can schedule your session with Dr. Weber for a physician-directed visit.

We serve Dr. Weber’s Deeply Vital Drink of collagen + supplements complementary to our clients. We have chilled, wet towels to use after your treatment.

We sell quality supplements, EltaMD SPF, and Dr. Weber’s Deeply Vital Cosmedics (Homemade Natural Vanilla Bean-Infused Oil and Lip Balm).

You will have the ability to schedule a Health & Wellness Consultation with Dr. Weber.

Our lights emit 6 different highly-studied wavelengths (nanometers [nm]).


RED LED: 630nm, 660nm

NIR LED: 810nm, 830nm, 850nm.

BLUE LED: 480nm

Yes, we often have discounts and promotions available. In addition, we offer significantly reduced rates for individuals experiencing side effects from chemotherapy or radiation treatment. We also have discounts for residents or students. Please contact Dr. Weber for more information.

Should our services exceed your financial reach, we encourage you to contact Dr. Weber at [email protected]. It’s our goal to ensure our Lights are accessible to everyone, and we don’t want financial constraints to be a barrier to their use.

Yes, we would love to partner with companies that believe wellness and self-care are important and needed. Please email [email protected] if you are interested in partnering with us.

To use FSA/HSA as payment, either directly by your FSA/HSA debit or credit card or via receipt reimbursement.
FSA/HSA should be able to be used for Light Therapy, consultations, or to purchase Dr. Weber’s homemade cosmedics, supplements, and SPF sold in our office.

Yes, we have a student and resident rate for discounted sessions or a discount on a membership. Please email us at [email protected] with your student/hospital ID if you are interested in learning more. We will send you a link to get scheduled.

There are not many side effects to using RLT! Hair growth is one side effect! Another may be difficulty falling asleep or waking up with a headache (rare). Your vision may be distorted directly after your session, but this is very transient. After RLT, sleep is usually deeper and more restful than your typical sleep. If you wake up with a headache, that can be from something other than the treatment (like sleep apnea or teeth grinding), dehydration, or toxin release as the Lights are detoxifying. It may be helpful to increase your hydration.

We do not recommend it, but if you drink alcohol before or after your session, you may increase your chances of the therapy not working as well, and you may have a headache the next day.

In our opinion, the potential for side effects is not a reason to not use the therapy; you may need to adjust your lifestyle, the distance between the Lights, or the amount of Light exposure.

We recommend you start with an Express Light Therapy Session (20 minutes) to experience the treatment. These shorter sessions are great for regular use and for those who are short on time.

Our Elevated Light Therapy Session (30 minutes) is great for regular use.

Our Double Light Therapy Session (40 minutes) is great for regular use.

Our Extended Light Therapy Session (60 minutes) is recommended for weight loss, acute illnesses or colds, or if you need a boost of energy for the next few days to come. These sessions are not recommended regularly and only once you have used the Lights and are accustomed to the therapy.

  • Experience relaxation as stress melts away and a sense of calm envelops you, creating an ideal environment for meditation.
  • During the session, you’ll bask in the gentle glow of soothing and healing Red, Near-Infrared, and Blue Light in a comfortable and serene setting.
  • Enjoy privacy as you undress before the session, followed by lying on a cozy massage table to allow the wavelengths to penetrate your skin effectively.
  • Dr. Weber ensures your comfort and proper exposure to the Lights, ensuring all body parts are adequately covered. A drape is available for added comfort.
  • Midway through the session, you may be prompted to switch sides or turn over, ensuring uniform exposure to the therapeutic Lights.
  • Sessions typically last between 20 to 60 minutes, offering ample time to reap the benefits of Red Light Therapy.

The underlying science of Red Light Therapy, or PhotoBioModulation (PBM), directly impacts skin cells, immune function, and cellular rejuvenation. PBM promotes the production of signaling molecules that facilitate cell migration and reduce inflammation and infection. This is achieved through a process that is responsive to the absorption of Light photons at the cellular level, helping to mitigate inflammation and alleviate pain.

Central to the effectiveness of Red Light Therapy (RLT) is its action on the mitochondria within cells. The therapy’s (Light) photons penetrate deep into the tissues, impacting the mitochondrial enzyme cytochrome c oxidase (CcO). This enzyme is crucial in accelerating ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production, which is vital for cellular energy. Mitochondria produce ATP and reactive oxygen species (ROS). When the cell is functioning properly, it can balance the ROS. However, an imbalance in reactive oxygen species (ROS) can lead to oxidative stress, which damages cells and their DNA. This imbalance can cause chronic inflammation, which is connected to a variety of health issues. RLT helps to keep the balance of ROS and antioxidants healthy.

Chronic inflammation is a known precursor for cancer and is linked with many diseases. Our bodies produce some antioxidants to counteract ROS, but factors like stress, poor diet, and aging can lead to mitochondrial damage. This damage interferes with ATP production and leads to further cell damage and inflammation. Red Light Therapy at Deeply Vital Medical provides a proactive approach to protect and energize cells, improving their natural functions and enhancing their overall well-being and health.

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