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Journey to Healing with Light

Our mission transcends conventional medical practices at Deeply Vital Medical (DVM). We embrace the groundbreaking power of Whole-body Light Therapy (LT), a treatment spectrum encompassing Red Light Therapy (RLT) using Red and Near-Infrared Light and the therapeutic wavelengths of Blue Light. We’re dedicated to healing you from the inside out by harnessing these specific Light spectrums. Our state-of-the-art treatments have the potential to address a myriad of medical concerns, ranging from anti-aging and inflammation to weight loss, sexual function, pain relief, and alleviating chemotherapy-induced symptoms.

Our Light Therapy treatments are non-invasive, and we use FDA Class II Medical Devices that are meticulously engineered to emit Red, Near-Infrared, and Blue Light wavelengths during each session. We offer six carefully optimized wavelengths to ensure beneficial, safe, and effective treatments for various medical concerns. We prioritize your safety by excluding ultraviolet (UV) Light from our therapies, ensuring no damage to your skin. Simply put, our Light Therapy is designed to be harmless and restore, optimize, and rejuvenate effectively.

Lauren Weber, DO, ABOM: Visionary & Expert

Deeply Vital Medical is led by Dr. Lauren Weber, who is double board-certified in Family and Obesity Medicine. Dr. Weber has further honed her expertise by completing a Specialized Women’s Health Fellowship at the renowned Cleveland Clinic. Her personal experience with Red Light Therapy, which significantly alleviated her bicep tendonitis, led her to conduct in-depth research and eventually establish Deeply Vital Medical. Dr. Weber has integrated whole-body panels into her practice to ensure a comprehensive approach to patient wellness.

Whole-Body Light Therapy at DVM

Our Light Therapy treatments use FDA Class II Medical Devices, meticulously engineered to emit Red, Near-Infrared, and Blue Lights during each session. With six carefully optimized wavelengths, we assure treatments that are beneficial, safe, and effective for a diverse range of medical concerns. We prioritize your safety: our therapies exclude ultraviolet (UV) light, ensuring no damage to your skin. Simply put, our LT is designed not just to be harm-free but to truly restore and rejuvenate.

Eco-Conscious &

Beyond our therapies, DVM stands firmly on principles of sustainability. We’re committed to earth-friendly and human-friendly practices, integrating organic products wherever feasible. Our recycling initiatives include disposable gloves and specific components from our Pure Encapsulations supplement containers. We invite our patients to participate, promoting a culture where wellness intertwines with ecological responsibility.

RLT has many potential benefits:

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Consult with Lauren Weber, DO, ABOM

At DVM, you can take advantage of a personalized Health and Wellness Consultation with Dr. Lauren Weber, where you will receive one-on-one attention. Together, you and Dr. Weber will explore your wellness needs and come up with a holistic strategy to help you achieve your health goals quickly. Our commitment is to your well-being, which is why we recommend completing the consultation before starting your Light Therapy.

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