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What to expect during your visit

How to Prepare:

What to except:

  • You will be greeted on the 4th floor lobby & taken into the studio to prepare for your Session.
  • You will have complete privacy, where you can completely undress (if you want) and get comfortable on our vibrating table. Our Lights work best on naked skin.
  • We have beauty products to remove sunscreen and make-up.
  • We provide a bolster for your knees and feet, clean goggles for eye protection (though unnecessary), and wet-chilled towels—some scented with Dr. Weber’s calming Fresh Vanilla Bean-Infused Oil- to enhance your experience.
  • Dr. Weber will control the Lights from behind a curtain to ensure your safety and assist with anything you need.
  • During the treatment, you will lie on one side for half the duration, then switch to the other to complete the remaining time. It’s okay if you want to do a happy baby pose under the Lights; we won’t judge you. We encourage you to expose the area you want to treat to the wavelengths, as it helps enhance blood flow and collagen production throughout the body
  • The treatment feels like lying on the beach, except without the dangerous UV wavelengths.
  • The skin absorbs products best right after your Session. 
  • Light Therapy works best on a regular basis.
  • Results vary depending on many factors, including how often you use Lights, the health of your skin, and how much body surface area you have. 

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